Spa Village Tembok

This miniscule spa stationed in Bali, Thailand, is fuss-free and spoil-free. If you come here, then it can only mean one thing: you want to recharge your life and reassess where it is going. The north-east coast of Bali is picturesque as it is, so it is a bit of a double whammy, when you get to indulge in learning involving, how to better deal with stressful situations, worries, and prevent tying themselves in knotted situations.

A daily massage, a detoxifying clay mud wrap, a body scrub, is enough to rejuvenate you at the place. The rooms are decorated in a Bali-style, free from distractions and designed so that it can give you an early night’s sleep; the rooms overlook private balconies, that have a garden view,

You also have exotic varieties of mediation, right infront of the Java Sea,  for those who enjoy those forms of mental cleansing – it is argued, that the exercise-form has something to do with the sun’s rays on a bright sky helping you to live a zen-filled life. It’s most certainly not ta’i chi or pilates, but it is an energising favourite amongst so many visitors to these retreats.

You get mini-schooled in both yoga (inclusive of stress-alleviating ‘poses’) and tai’chi, at the place, alongside healthy cooking classes, mountain biking, creativity classes (inclusive of drawing, traditional palm-leaf weaving and wood carving). If you are tired of learning how to relax, then you can also hop onto a floating platform at the pool, surround yourself with candles, calming music on in the background, and look at the starlit sky and ponder about Socrates’ teachings.

A wellness workshop compliments the other activities too, such as reading, swimming and sunbathing. You eat your meals at the terrace, and the Indonesian fusion and light western menu consists of Thai dishes – from a banana-flower salad to a charred shrimp satay. You get plenty of fresh fruits here bought straight from the farmers market, such as mangoes, coconuts and papayas, and a lot of locally sourced fish, such as mackarel, tuna and snapper, all included in the menu.


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