Les Misérables @ Queen’s Theatre

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Les Misérables is a theatrical sensation in England, for the past 28 years. Playing out to an audience of greater than 70million people in 44 countries and in 22 languages, around the world, it is still no newbie to the sensation of breaking box-office records. Passion, starcrossed love, sacrifice and a chance at remption, attempts to invigorate the human spirit. Jean Valjean is leaving after a service of more than 17 years in the chain gang.

The Bishop is his only ally, so he repays the debt buy stealing silver, but during the process runs int trouble with the law, and attempts to start his life from scratch. Eight years later, Jean has changed his name to Monsieur Madeline, and is now both a factory owner and a Mayor. One day a scandal erupts amongst his workforce, when a worker, Fantine, is discovered to be pregnant, without marriage.

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Fantine is on the brink of getting fired, which could leave her with no money to buy medicines for her daughter, so out of desperation sells her locket and enslaves herself into a life of prostitution. When her ploy turns out to be a rotten egg, because she is a novice unlike the others, the Mayor notices her, and gets her to a hospital instead, where she dies, with Madeline promising her that he will look after her daughter, Cosette.

Cosette resides with a family, especially skilled in abusing her, and showering all the fineries you can think of on their massively-ugly daughter, instead. She goes away to Paris with Madeline, and then a spellbinding tragedy unfolds.


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