Weddings Are Getting Pricey…For The Guests

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A wedding invitation is usually looked upon as being privy to a special celebration. Not everyone you know usually gets invited to a couple’s nuptials, you and your firends have known since school. A marriage is a union of two people, in love, or with their consent, as family and friends gather to cheer on the relationship being joined in holy matrimony.

Each of the guest that is invited to the event, will however expected to spend a lot, to join in on someone else’s celebrations. Hen-nights, stag-dos, travel expenses, hotel expenses, new dresses, new shoes, what to get as a wedding present for the new couple. Here are a couple of ideas to consider, when dashing to attend that wedding:

Monogrammed Towels?

Sometimes a wedding invite, means attending with the presumpttiont hat you have been briefed over the “gift wish list”. if you are going to attend those weddings anytime sonn, then get your monogrammed towels, or silver forks ans spoons from the annual high street summer sale, as presents for the couple early enough!

Light-Pink Cocktail Dress?

When you are done and dusted with the wedding, plan on wearing that coral prom dress you bought to attend it, to anothet special event. It can be anything, from your best friend’s birthday to a cocktail evening gathering, with your co-workers, where there is karaoke involved. Silk dresses, metallic high heels and orange shirts and camel chinos, might be on the pricey side, but they are still not a one-time evening wear option.

Can We Go On A Diet Please? Is That Allowed?

Why don’t you use the time between last night’s dinner at 9 and this morning’s wedding brunch at 12, by thinking of something other than food, or maybe even go on a mini-diet…it will save you the money spent getting sandwiches, right before that four-course meal.

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