The Greasy Food Chain

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Greasy food is on top of the debate once more, but not many are thinking about how this contributes to your increased waistline. Startup companies have pooled their talent into this moneymaking venture, thinking of new concepts to have the public at merciless disposal of “the grease line”.

Many young kids do not have the time or the energy to prepare meals at the end of the day, so they end up at the bottom of the food line, resorting to eating greasy junk food. Although, no doubt very delicious (and sometimes even gourmet) the nature of the food chain is slowly shifting towards a healthier balance, than ever before.

Nowadays, people have to make a choice inbetween healthy food and food that comes at your fingertips, at the push of a phone button. The food delivery service is mixing the convenient, with the delicious. New services enable consumers to get their food order through their phone by ringing up their favourite food shop, which offers a toned-down meanu than the one you can find at the food shop, if you went there to get your food in person.

This approach has now been “borrowed” into a smartphone app system” customers can order their meals (a healthy option is also there) and have it cooked to perfection, and delivered within 15 minutes or so – the average waiting time for food delivered in San Franciso. Expensive meals, such as a steak costs somewhere aound $9 to $14.

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Some stores have no shop of their own to serve customers in-person, but some hire chefs, staff to deliver your food at your doorstep and kitchen spaces, and you do not have to worry about the flavour losing their taste or their appeal because of the journey from the kitchen to your door. This culinary mass appeal has extended beyond Silicon Valley and landed here in English valleys, as more and more people are choosing to get in, on the grease line, over cooking food for themselves.

This is because as our economy develops, her income resources get better, leaving more and more workers worry less about where their food comes from, and more about how fast it will get here. In America, however it is only in the West Coast that this food pyramid has gained high momentum, despite their small sized approach.

Some companies freeze their meals to preserve the freshness, like frozen food over at Tesco, and diners can heat their meals up, in the microwave or the oven, as soon as they are delivered. The most poplular dishes on the menu are flank steaks, with roast potatoes and pepper salad and slow-braised mexican pork.

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