The American Civil War: Then & Now

This book from Charles A. Beard, The Rise of American Civilization, once upon a time, acted as a great resource for learing about the American Civil War. But as society progressed, the author got blacklisted because of the literature climate at the time, leaving Beard to live off his writings alone, while the book also began to be looked upon as a warped account of the war – it did not elaborate enough on slavery and the abolitionism theory.

Although, it spent a lot of the pages arguing theoretically for the cause of the war, in a detached manner, the focal point of controversy for it remains the ignorance. I personally thought, like most Lost Cause writers today, that the book was remarkable because it demonstrated that the war was so much more than just one episode, the rather surprisingly astoundingly popular episode in America – “abolition of slavery”.

It was about farmers, capitalists, labouring American workers, coming together to fight for a nationalist cause. They wanted to drive the southern aristocratics from the land and earn a greater sense of freedom, with capitalism and industrialism in the fold. Charles strongly believed the abolition episode was ballooned out of proportion to camouflage the winning ingredient capitalists had thought of for economic development.


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