Raul Castro Has Reasons To Celebrate

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In March, municipal elections in Cuba showed a new resurgence of faith amongst Cubans, over political matters. Two political figures emerged as the frontrunners  amongst thousands of local candidates battling it out for top municipal posts nationally. They did not win, but this demonstration of patriotism was a strong show of support towards the government.

How does this impact the political process?

On voting day, the number of voters who turned out to vote saw a reduction of minute but significant proportion. Publicity sponsored by the government labelled the two candidates, Hilde-brando Chaviano and Yuniel Lopez, as not being of a revolutionary mindset and there were even allegations of vote-rigging.

But there is no constructive proof to suggest this and their loss is a win for the government because the people have spoken clearly that they are not interested in changing, they want to press ahead with a revolution. Municipal power to make a change is limited so this elections was really about showing that people are interested in making a difference to society.

Some of the lack of voters was due to holiday trips that newfound relaxed travel restrictions has seen Cubans take advantage of. Later this year, in September, Pope Francis is expected to visit Cuba, so there is hope of a renewal of relationships between Cuba and various countries, which started last month, as well, with America. Some American sources have stated that a difficult picture of democracy is being established in Cuba, one where the government is both autocratic and for an electoral process. I can see how a double talk of autocratic values and communist idealogies cannot work together but if it really is about the bigger picture then this is where they fail to understand communism.


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