Olympic Preparations in Brazil

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Brazil is still reeling from losing the World Cup to Germany and what seems like the end of the grande celebrations. However, there is no room to hold back any longer because preparations are already underway for the 2016 Olympics. The project is big: big on both a budget and on scope.

How is it going?

There is increasing pollution in the country, which will be a disconcerting atmosphere to deal with for visitors expected to drop in during one of the largest carnivals in sports history. This is coming at the expense of Brazilian taxpayers money spent catering to a good time for all, during the World Cup – there was already a lot of protests nationally over corruption scandals and the increased pressure on the public purse to fund entertainment avenues.

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But this is now a thing of the past because a tighter regulation on corruption has been implemented because of the World Cup. The west of the city has already seen construction work sites increase in mushroom numbers. Earlier on there was a lot of agitated worries about whether or not Brazil will be able to meet deadlines, but nowadays the environment is much more relaxed than before.

For example, the tennis courts and the velodrome are already way behind schedule, but it’s only by a smaller delay of a month. Also, Rio de Janeiro’s budget for the Olympics seem more tailored to the country’s economic climate because other host countries had a bigger budget to celebrate the age-old sport carnivale.

What happens after the carnivale?

There is also the added benefit of so much the city stands to gain from the preparations, such as enhanced railway structures. One important afterthought that should be taken into consideration is that most of the money should be spent on developing the region, and that includes some of the poorest neighbourhoods.

Money spent on working on improving structures for richer neighbourhoods is not an ill-advised decision, as the speed of progress and the kind of structural overhaul that has been in place already is suggesting. But since the amount of wealth being spent is huge, it should not be so that the improvements have heightened inequality issues.

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