The New/Old “Mr. Holmes”

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Are you ready to see a new kind of reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes on-screen? This time we have Ian McKellen portraying the icon in British literature, at the age of 93. Holmes has retired and is residing in Sussex, in a typical British crime-mystery story, that can be seen in other classic narrations of mystery, such as those from Agatha Christie – often, what you will find is that beloved detectives retire from their infamous careers for some mysterious reason, because they originally had no intention to do so at all.

Sherlock is frustrated over how his former aide, Watson, has made him out to be in his bestselling accounts of the cases, attempted. Old-worldly and ravenous, the film revolves around from one elegant angle to another, sometimes dropping to an emotional level, and sometimes still retaining that mysterious outlook, viewers who come to see a Sherlock Holmes film, often look for. He is sometimes too busy dreaming of unsolved cases that he presided over before retirement hit him, that keep him from enjoying his bee-keeping adventures.

Holmes is also tormented by dementia at times, so much, that he likes to keep a record book of his memories of forgotten words, or names he can remember, and marks them with a singular dot. Soon the dots all float around all over the pages, looking like fluttering bees. Though royal jelly helps his memory, that his beehives provide him with, he is still transfixed by the mysterious episodes of his past he still has not solved. Wait, with feverish excitement for this film to hit theatres, on June 19!

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