Taking A Look At “Hamari Adhuri Kahani”

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This is a romantic film from FoxStar Studios, but it has a strong social message etched all across it. Starring Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan, in the lead, it is about a young millionaire bachelor, who falls in love with a young married woman, who comes to work for him.

The young woman is married to an “uncontrollably possessive” man, and their relationship borders on physical abuse, titillating dangerously. Although, the young woman is often clueless over her husband’s actions, she is sometimes pictured as getting suspicious and having withdrawal symptoms, because of the forced-upon love.

After her husband gets imprisoned for crimes he has committed, the young lady embarks on a professional career to support herself, where she meets the man she feels she is destined to be with. Although, largely romantic (and even sorrowful, as the constant grey skies and elasticated longing feeling running like there is no end, in the promos, prove) the movie is interesting because of how it is not your average love story.

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Emraan Hashmi has commented that he wants to diversify his acting range, because of the growth he has experienced as an actor. He has stated that he wants cinema to reflect his real-life passions, because he has grown a lot over the last few years, trying his hand at various crafts, which is such a welcoming thought to learn of, because it is hard to play a role if you cannot relate to it.

Even if you do not personally identify with the character, I believe that as a human being you should relate to it, and there is a lot of reliability factors in this particular movie, when it comes to relating to the protagonists. In Hollywood, social concepts over love and social abuse in previous relationships, is seldom explored but you can find some solace in the films: Written on the Wind (1956), Girl Interrupted (1999) and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004).

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The abuse in such films never takes a neo-noir approach, where it’s deadly abuse taking centre stage, as certain Brad Pitt and Robert De Niro hard-boiled fictionalised stories can let you enjoy, with a bountiful amount of popcorn. Vidya Balan was especially trained by a florist for her character, who works in a hotel chain, which is owned by a rich hotelier (Emraan Hashmi).

The two characters love story blossoms unexpectedly at work, and you will have to wait until Friday to see if the lovers end up remaining star-crossed or do they get united in amour. Speaking of violence against women, it was predicted last year, that the primary subjects that need to be addressed for women’s rights, is really broad, such as clamping down on the sex-trade and where we stand on the debate over birth control.

Somewhere around 35percent of women across the globe have experienced physical violence under some circumstances or the other. This can range from sexual enslavement in marriage to domestic abuse, so when you watch this film, watch it with a heart and an open mind about how many women around the world are often put in such difficult circumstances in their life, with no will of their own, in place. Meanwhile, do enjoy the emotional trailer!


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