How are you finding the colourful world of “Dope”?

Dope is a feature film produced by Forrest Whitaker, and stars breakout artists, such as Tony Revolori; it is slated for a release inside theatres on Friday. Three former nerds turn into gangsters in California, whilst applying for college, and amidst preparing for their SATs, because of a huge stash of drugs that they end up owning, accidentally. 

The boys go from preppy to getting thin-ribs because of the constant substance abuse problem, and hide their growing troubles in the pockets of hip-hop music adoration. But because they are still nerds in school, their teachers don’t realise what is going on – it does not stop the rest of the cool kids from picking on them, for their appearances and their outcast attitudes. 

However, one day, all this drug-antics lands them in deep trouble at a houseparty, when the boys discover a gun and more drugs in their backpack. They scramble to return back to their normal lives, trying to return the drugs from where it originally come from, as mounting confusion turns this movie into a film not worth missing for the thrill of the chase, often darkly-comic in places. What do you think of the trailer?


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