Whale Likes To Party!

Whale has just had ten cups of Nespresso and is relaxing with the day’s newspaper, waiting for the lunch break to be over, so that he can get back to work, on his desk.
Whale:Child abuse scandals!…Feminists talking about shaving crotch!…Someone sticking up for heels at Cannes!…Funny looking guy on a Eurovision photo!…Oh dear! Another Bank Holiday strike!
Coworker 1: Yo Whale!
Whale: Yo! How was lunch?
Coworker 1: It was good. We missed you. They had mashed potatoes and ham, on today.
Whale: YUCK! Didn’t miss a thing then!
Coworker 1: Yeah! Susie just told me about a housewarming party Sally is havin’! Will you be there?
Whale: Who is Sally?
Coworker 1: The lady sitting right opposite to ya!
Whale: (looks up from his newspaper copy)Ohhhhhh! I wasn’t invited!
Coworker 1: Oh that’s a shame! Do you want me to go ask her if it’s okay for you to come along?
Whale: Nah, I’m good! I don’t know so many people yet, so it would get boring after a fair few drinks, for me. No one to talk to in a tipsy state.
Coworker 1: Yeah! (starts to type on his PC)
Whale: How long have you known Sally?
Coworker 1: Since two years! We were going out until just a few days back!
Whale: Oh you sly dog! (slaps him in the back)
Coworker 1: Oh it wasn’t like that! I was madly in love with her but then she cheated on me! Never got over it!
Whale: Oh!…So why are you going to her housewarming party?
Coworker 1: (shrugs) Free beer!
Whale: Free beer from a woman who cheated on you?
Coworker 1: Yup!
Whale: Are you that desperate for a night out, mate?
Coworker 1: I’m not! I just think it would be a night of laughs!
Whale: In the house of the woman who cheated on you?
Coworker 1: Yeah, I think I’ll invite Boss to it.
Whale:…….(shouts) YO SALLY!!! How have you been doing?
Sally looks up at Whale, puzzled, in the middle of reading Star magazine.
Sally: Are you alright?
Whale: Yes!
Sally: Okay (smiles and gets back to reading her magazine)
Whale looks at Tim (Coworker 1) and gruffs.


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