Whale & Bart Talk Coffee Beans

Whale is busy daydreaming at the office, today. He needs to finish some paperwork before heading for lunch with his coworkers but can’t find it in him to concentrate first.
Whale: (sighs)…..Oh Good Morning Boss!
Bart: Oh hey! Morning! (gets a Nespresso from the coffee machine)
Whale: Your drinking a lot of coffee today, I just noticed.
Bart: Yes, I’ve been up since last night. I had three boardmeetings today + looking through plenty of scripts. They must be completed before the week is over, and there’s just too much…lunch is on in like fifteen minutes!
Whale: Oh wow!….Have you seen the latest teaser trailer of the Steve Jobs movie?
Bart: No! But if it’s any good, we probably have to cover the book on it. We always get swamped with the blockbuster stories!
Whale: I saw it just yesterday evening on E4. Jobs looks like he went mental when he took a look at iPod for the first time.
Whale: That’s what the trailer looks like.
Bart: You mean the one where he looks like Santa Claus is releasing the iPod?
Whale: No, no that was the other Jobs film. This has Fassbender in it.
Bart: OH right! Yeah, no I haven’t seen that yet. I’ll stick to my story…why is it that bad?
Whale:…………I don’t know yet if it is that bad but his intense eyes did tempt me into want to check out the film.
Bart:………………….is he paralysed on stage in the film?
Whale: No, no he is totally fine. He’s just really, really excited….
Bart:…..like, super-excited..
Whale:…..yes, he is, to see what his intelligence can do!
Bart: Haha! Wow! I just lost 3 minutes that I could have spent proofreading. Better get some coffee, you don’t get a lunch break now! (walks off with the Nespresso)


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