Whale, Jack & Coronation Street

Whale and Jack are spending a lazy weekday, catching up with each other over cups of coffee and endless episodes of Coronation Street.
Whale: Did you use to smoke as a kid?
Jack: No! Never tried it out!
Whale: Me neither. I have been hearing about these cases that are happening of late, about the smokers dying of lung cancer.
Jack: (laughs) That’s always been there silly!
Whale: Yes, but why are they talking of that now, all of a sudden?
Jack: Beats me! Maybe they always do! Maybe you just chanced upon it now!
Whale: Oh I don’t think they do! Amanda and I were out last night on a movie date – we went to watch the latest Avengers. And she told me about this over-advertising and how she found that story so interesting.
Jack: How was the movie?
Whale: It was great. So many superheroes in one film. I guess it took care of my wish to see all the Marvel superheroes appear on the big-screen in my lifetime, really well!
Jack: Haha! What did you do on the date?
Whale: Oh! Nothing much! I ordered some popcorn. Amanda was on a diet so ate some of my popcorn. I had to get up in the middle of the movie to go and get me some more.
Jack: Oh! Then what did you do afterwards?
Whale: Later, we kissed each other goodnight and I walked back home. The night was a pretty shade of blue and punctuated with stars – I felt so creative, I got back home and did some work.
Jack: Oh! What did you work on?
Whale: I proofread the Preface to a new paperback edition of Fanny Hill.


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