Whale Is On A Blind Date

Whale has been set up on a blind date with a mate’s mate. Her name is Amanda and she loves to read books a lot. On the blind date, Whale has decided to have a movie screening of an adaptation of one of her favourite novels, Romeo and Juliet, at his place. The two are sitting on the couch and learning more about each other.
Whale: (silence)…Did you enjoy the roast duck and vegetables I made?
Amanda:*blushes Yes, it was delicious. (silence) Do you have to be in at work early tomorrow?
Whale: No, I don’t. My boss is pretty understanding, given that it is a Saturday. The publishing date of the book I am working on has been pushed to next week, so there’s time to catch up.
Amanda: That’s brilliant! (silence) Should we watch the film together, now? I actually cannot wait.
Whale: OH YES! Me too! I haven’t seen this film in years!
Amanda: Is it the one with Claire Danes on it?
Whale: No, this is the 1936 film. It’s a real classic. My boss adores it. She has a huge vintage poster of it, stuck on this wooden board on her office wall. Everytime I go to visit her, I confuse it with the movie poster of King Kong. The technicolour can be so confusing sometimes.
Amanda: Oh! Wow!….So, how has it been like working under her, so far?
Whale: It has been fun. I have only seen her 6 times in two days, since I joined.
Anamda: (laughs) I have never watched this film. Does it stay true to the story? (knocks her glassed off accidentally and it falls off the couch and breaks) OH NO!!!
Whale: (Shoving the tape into the Blu-Ray player) Don’t worry! The New York Times can be reliable sometimes too!
Amanda: No, it’s not that! My glasses just fell off and I can’t see a thing but I think I heard something sounding like glass break!
Whale: Oh!!! Where did they fall?
Amanda:….I don’t know. I think right infront of the couch.
Whale: Okay! Let me get them for you! (scrambles looking for the glasses) I cannot find them. I will look under the couch.
Amanda: Okay! Thank you so much! (shuffles her dress)
Whale: Can’t find them! I will just go and look for them behind the couch now!…………UH-OH!
Amanda: What’s the matter?
Whale:…….I put on some holiday weight this Christmas, which I’m yet to get rid of.
Amanda: Yeah? Are you feeling uncomfortable from eating too much at dinner, for it, perhaps?
Whale: No, I think I have gotten stuck under the couch!


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