Whale & Bart Talk BFG

Whale has so much work today. It is a Saturday but by midnight tonight he has to approve of the jacket of his latest assignment – an abridged edition of collected stories from Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake. But first he must meet his boss and discuss the options for artwork.
Whale: (knocks on the door)*clears throat! Boss!………..Miss Bart?
Boss:(muffled voice)Yes, come in.
Whale: Good morning, Boss! I wanted to discuss about the jacket artwork by Quentin Blake we have to do for the Roald Dahl book for next week.
Boss: Oh yeah! Please have a seat! What have you thought of so far?
Whale: I thought that it would be nice to go with the illustration of some farmyard animals having the time of their lives on the front flap of the jacket,amd then the picture zooms in on a handful of those animals on the back side of the flap jacket.
Boss: Farmyard animals? Why farmyard animals? This is a collector’s edition of stories of the Giant.
Whale: Yes, but I was wondering if it would be possible to be more imaginative. I could also paint it green. Make the book look all inviting and rich and then place the farm animals, all illustrated, on it.
Boss: You are supposed to make it interesting to children. We want kids to buy the book, not think it is serious reading, and be impressed.
Whale: But Miss Bart, I am worried that if I put too much cartoons on the jacket it will look too silly and more like a puzzle game. How many kids love Giant as much as adults do?
Boss: I feel it should be aimed at children. What do you think they would find interesting on the jacket?
Whale: Farmyard animals!!! Oh and an egg with eyes and two chicken feet!
Boss: I think maybe play it safe and put an illustration of the BFG on both of the flaps, the same one, facing each other, on two seperate flaps and use an attractive colour as the background.
Whale: But Miss Bart! Kids like eggs!
Boss: Okay! Then put a talking egg at the top, near the text.
Whale: Oh! That’s brilliant! I will just go and do a copy-in for you and then fax you it!
Boss: Sure!
Whale: (hops around like a rabbit to the door) Miss Bart! What about the farmyard animals?
Boss: Get out!
Whale: Okay!


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