Whale & Jack Are Broke

Whale is moving house today. He has just moved to London from his ancestral home in Cotswolds, for his new job as a copywriter at a publishing house. He has found this great place close to work, and cannot wait to move but he is finding the task of moving really daunting. One of his mates, Jack, has come to help him move, and Whale finally understands why he is friends with Jack.

Whale: Have you decided what to do for work, yet?
Jack: No, not yet. I have been sending in applications to a couple of places. But it will work out, don’t worry!
Whale: I’m not worried. Not at all. I just think you should hurry up already. It has been months since you have had any work.
Jack: I know but that’s what it’s like to work in theatre.
Whale: Is it that unpredictable? How does it feel to be that unsure and confident because I could never be that.
Jack: It feels lovely. Why is your job much more dependable than mine? I can’t imagine it being so, you work in publishing.
Whale: The only thing I get confused about at work, is how to kindly let the author know his book is rubbish. But I don’t have to do that because as a copywriter, my job is pretty limited, when it comes to airing point of views. Good for them, isn’t it?
Jack: (chuckles) I think it might be! If you are not going to mince on your words, it would be best to just let the annoyance slide. That’s how I love to do things.
Whale: Yes, I know. On some days I wonder how we are mates, when we are so different from each other, but I suppose that is the magic.
Jack: We are not that different, we are quite like each other. Are you excited about moving to your new home?
Whale: That we are too. I am, yes. I’m a little bit confused about what to do for the rent and everything because my paycheck doesn’t come in until the end of this month, but that is why I’m drinking tequila whilst moving!
Jack: Awh! I would lend you some money but I’m flat-broke.
Whale: That’s alright! What are friends for? They are for being there for you, no matter what.
Jack: Alright! Which of the boxes do you want me to take up to the moving van first?
Whale: The one marked with “Books” please! Thanks!


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