Whale Loves Egg Sandwiches

Whale has decided to go to a picnic at Hyde Park. He has left the task of arranging the picnic basket to his beloved baby, Margot. They drove there in their 1960s convertible and are now sitting in the sunshine, and catching up with each other, as busy couples often do.
Whale: Baby, pass me the egg sandwiches you made, please!
Margot: Sure!
Whale: (takes a bite) These are the most delicious sandwiches I have had in such a longtime!*blushes
Margot: Are they really?
Whale: Mmmmmhmmm! They really are! How did you make them?
Margot: Oh it’s nothing! I just cooked some eggs, added light mayo and that was it.
Whale: That sounded like so much hard work!
Margot: *shrugs It wasn’t really!
Whale: (sigh)…I think I might nap now. The drive here made me so tired. I’ll wake up in a little bit and then we can talk some more. What will you do since then?
Margot: I will just read my book, “Tuesdays with Morrie” again.
Whale: Oh! I love that book! The Guardian recommended it to me, the other day. I mean, I saw it in yesterday’s newspaper. And I really loved the story of what I read. It was so inspirational. The part, where….
Margot: Actually, I want to finish the book soon! So is it okay, if I talk to you later?
Whale: Yeah, it is!….


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