Whale At Waterloo

Whale is at Waterloo today, because he has been assigned a business task by his boss. He was told by Mr. Garçon to buy some bubbly champagne for his wife’s birthday later tonight. Whale is not very familiar with Waterloo station yet, and he is quite confused about which shop to go to to pick a good present. But he can spot a champagne bar, some 20 feet away from him.
Whale: (approaches a shop named, The Wine Connoisseur) Good afternoon! Do you sell wine bottles at the shop too, aside from serving customers here….at the tables?
Shopkeeper: Yes, we do! What would you like?
Whale: I would like some champagne that would be good for a birthday present. Do you have any idea what might be good?
Shopkeeper: We have Pierre Gimonnet et Fils, which does good creamy wine. Then there is Taittinger, if you would rather have something more exclusive.
Whale: I would like something from Moet & Chandon, please.
Shopkeeper: Moet & Chandon? Yeah, they are really good too. But we do not stock such a huge range for them. Which would you like?
Whale: Which do you have?
Shopkeeper: Let me check! We have a Dom Perignon Vintage Rose (2003) and a Grand Vintage (2006).
Whale: Which would you suggest?
Shopkeeper: I think the rose wine would go nicely for a birthday present, wouldn’t it?
Whale: It would, yes! Can I take a look at the bottle?
Shopkeeper: Sure! (hands him the bottle)
Whale: Oh it’s label says the ingredients is composed of floral notes and orange. I think I will take this, yes! Can you please wrap it up for me?
Shopkeeper: Okay! Would you like a golden ribbon on the box?
Whale: Is it detachable? For you know, if she would like to keep it for herself?
Shopkeeper: I think, it can be yes!
Whale: Then, why not? I would love the champagne box to have a detachable golden ribbon!


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