Whale has chanced upon a piece of original fiction, on the phenomenon behind fan girls. It landed in a half-tattered condition on his desk and he is so hooked:

……*coughs: Two Fangirls and their Love Story Act VIII

Fangirl # 1: “When I was very young, I didn’t know what love was. But then I met Leonardo DiCaprio and everything changed. The way he was in Titanic moved me in ways it was impossible to do for anyone. I was always the kid in class everyone was hoping would get married to somebody great at some point in her life. And now I’m in love with Leo and OMG! I don’t know what to do! I hope he knows! Just look at his adorable and innocent young face, who wouldn’t fall in love with him?………actually, nobody but me! I know in my heart he isn’t like that and I’m sure on some level he knows I love him because I have my own little social gang here….it’s hard to miss when someone this brilliant falls in love with such a hunk!….I don’t hate Rose at all! I just think he plays that character of whatever his name is, so amazingly! It really is some of the finest, most beautiful things I have ever seen! I want you LEO!!!!!!”

Fangirl # 2: “Wow! That….was the sweetest thing I have ever read. You know, the other day I was watching television and I began thinking how many amazing shows there are on television but I don’t like any of them. But then I saw “Two Guys and a Girl” and I knew instinctively I was to be with Ryan. I was so jealous of that punk girl he kissed on the show!”

…………annnnnnd applause!! Bows/claps!!Cheers!!………………………. 😀 !!


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