Women’s Day

Today is Women’s Day. As all responsible citizens do, please take a moment to raise awareness on what this day represents. You do not have to roll out the red carpet and gravitate towards spreading knowledge on the struggles of women around the world, or aim to cherish the political successes that have materialized since women took it upon themselves to fight for their worth. But do take part because Women’s Day is a significant event in almost every feminist’s calendar.

Inspiring Women of the 20th Century

Inspiring Women of the 20th Century by osmianannya featuring a swimsuits two piece

Since 1914, the women’s suffrage movement has been gaining full force. The day has been given many names, from International Women’s Day (IWD) to International Working Women’s Day, but today is particularly a time to show respect towards females, as well as celebrate the significant achievements they have made over the decades, be it economical or cultural. To show your respect you can sign up to this service that has been rolled out for everyone on it’s official website, where you can publish a page and spread awareness on the subject in your own individual way. Meanwhile, this is a montage of sorts, of who I personally consider to be some of the most successful women from the pages of history!


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