Thatcher’s Note

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In response to the latest revelations made by private correspondence conducted inbetween former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher and the Government of India at the time, I have to say that Great Britain didn’t really play any significant role in the Golden Temple raid. It is very hard to believe Thatcher’s government did because the chances of any kind of inquiry intending to reveal that there was an involvement, in the country’s part, is slim. It is disheartening to see a religious place of worship, shattered to fight extremism, because although the fight against extremism is difficult what is harder is upholding democratic values. Places of religious worship are sacred to many people in the world, and India is no different.

I have great belief that Great Britain would have no interest whatsoever, in attempting to tarnish the religious sanctity of an institution, just to fight existential threats posed by extremism. Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, at the time, who spearheaded the campaign, believed that extremism had to be fought at all costs. I’m afraid I do not agree with her there, because she really could not envision how her empire would fall, at that point, because of that decision. Politics is a very difficult job, and it is not always easy to make these decisions, but they are required to uphold democracy. In such circumstances, it is crucial to devise other ways to fight extremism. As far as, the British government’s role in this “political episode” is concerned, I doubt the British government, would at any point have wanted to associate itself with strategies such as these, because you see it has its own priorities to think about, it’s own reputation to be concerned about. Although, such decisions don’t really impact how the government functions, it does impact United Kingdom’s global reputation, and perspectives towards a nod to this sort of an episode, would spread like wildfire. It would be a very ill-advised decision, and one that is really not reflective of upholding democratic values, much.


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