What’s your Carbon Footprint?

The effects of climate change can be disastrous to say the least. They damage our rainforest, our crops, our plantations, and our natural environment. WWF UK recently unveiled a new controversial scheme titled The Carbon Footprint Calculator. On average every individual who has taken part in the survey had a mean index of 2.5 planets as a response. My responses was a high of 2.3 planets but we only have one planet we call home. The survey is controversial because it lists ideas you can adapt into your lifestlye that would not only stifle you as a normal human being out and about with your daily activities, it would also make you such an idiotic bore.

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You should give up meat for vegetables, should opt to purchase jewelleries less because the harmful effects mineral extraction can have on Earth, and the most strangest of all – go easy on getting that awesome Porsche you’ve dreamt of as kid. I mean, I take the bus or all forms of public transport wherever I go but that doesn’t in anyway mean that I should say no to “mere luxuries” that should come naturally to me just because we are still working on inventing greener fuel, and a much more cool (the green kind!) motor system for our hybrid cars, our electric cars, or plain old sexy motor cars.

As much as I love our planet and the weather in KL (it always rains here!), the truth is that ozone depletion over the years has had a drastic effect on Earth. The more the Earth heats up, the stranger that climate behaviour gets – you get hot, cold, dry every couple of seconds and this erraticness is more than just puzzling. The last 100 or so years (that’s a lot of damage for a long time, we should make our love for Porsche pay with!) saw the most developed nations burn up too much coal, gas, oil like there is no tomorrow and offset all that damage by cutting down rainforests.

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The way to battle climate change is plant more trees, so that they can absorb carbon dioxide and keep the harmful effects of global warming to as minimal as possible. I think the survey does help you determine where you rake on the scale, and also break free from the spin cycle of “turn the lights off later” and do something good for the environment today = I feel that the weather will love you for it!


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