Who are you voting for this US midterms?

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The midterm elections are due on the 4th of November and so far the Republicans are leading in the polls, quite heavily. Although, there has been a push here and there in terms of margins for both parties involved in numerous states, the frontrunners still tend to really be Republicans.

Exit polls of many kinds dictate that the “stars” of the race for the GOP are slightly lagging behind the lesser known candidates, mostly dominated by women, for the Democrats.

Scott Walker is one of the frontrunners we have from the GOP for Wisconsin. He recently got injured while hunting for pheasants, despite his excellent skills in that brutal sport.

He is quite accomplished as a stellar conservative blue-state winner and all his policy changes have reflected well amongst like-minded party members, who have even begun to chart his path towards a prospective 2016 presidential bid.

Some policy changes include the removal of public-sector unions power grasp, giving into a much more ecnomically friendly ministry model. It has also seen less brawl on the floor over payments for workers, which is a good sign of effective governance prowess.

Unemployment is still pretty high and despite what some of the Democrats might tell you, what the voters want the most is jobs. They want employment figures to rise, they want more job-creation and the Republicans hope, that would be the right word, to bet on for some Republicans, they can solve it with another tenure of control over the Senate.

Official projections so far forecast the Republicans will in fact keep their power hold on the Senate. Since Barack Obama will not be contesting for another term, there is a lot of debate than is the norm over who gets to rule the Senate.

Presiding over this debate is the former coal mine worker for the past 30 years, Mitch McConnell, who is expected to take control of the senate for President Obama’s last two years in office. This could rile up tensions considerably between the two parties but never fear, perhaps we can now finally steer around the financial gridlock that has been in motion in the United States since last year.

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