The “Body Image” Issue

Did you ever wonder what it must feel like to have to wake up everyday and realise that despite eating potato mash for dinner last night you might still be hungry a little bit later on in the day? Its a thought that I think about a lot and sometimes I think this particular overthinking habit of mine needs to just stop. I overthink every little thing…is my room clean enough? Should I do the dishes right away, I only did them a couple of hours ago? Should I go to uni a little bit earlier than when lectures start or catch up on some more sleep?

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Hey, it’s better than thinking crazy things kids my age often do…“Ooooh look at that new neighbour! She isn’t very pretty is she?”….“I wonder if my boyfriend is flirting with his secretary, like she told me at the dinner party last night?…How do I tell him what is going on?” Right, crazy! By contrast, thinking about food is more understandable because it has such a connection with “your body image”. What you put on your dinner plate every evening instantly correlates to the perception society has of how fit you are…if they know about it ofcourse, provided you are so lucky to have at least a couple of good mates in the world.

If you listen to Mika, then you might remember the legendary song that used to make me laugh everytime it would come up on the radio because initially I use to think this must be a joke or something…Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)! The truth is that after laughing I would think the song makes sense actually…and now it’s one of my most favourites because it does a lot to combat “the body image” issue, if you think about it too. Up and down the country, young girls often speak about how they have a low self-esteem. Women often think their nose isn’t perfect, their lips could be fuller, they could be taller or have those infamous curves, like Marilyn Monroe.

Sometimes they go through excrutiangly painful plastic surgeries to achieve the right image they have in their minds. I do not disapprove of plastic surgeries because that would be largely generalising it like anything, it’s kind of like being against botox, which I’m not, despite how the media often scrutinises celebrities’ increased use of them in recent years. But like alcohol, you should practice all of that in moderation and it never hurts to use your head on the subject does it? You need to learn more about what exactly you are getting into before you do it. I think it’s fine if you believe that you would feel much better about yourself after a nose-job (kinda like Jennifer Aniston) but sometimes you there are these stories in the media, where fans have gone under the knife to look like their favourite celebrities or many young women going overboard in the name of attaining perfection – think nose job, boob job, liposuction, a perm on your hair to always keep it poker straight – I bet Lady Gaga’s fashion sense would approve!

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That, in no way, is practising moderation by any means. You have to learn to work with what you have. That means, eating right, working out and learning to balance your life – achieve the right priorities first. When you are stressed out about something, get to the root of the situation rather than just brewing in a mudslinging evironment whole day. There is no problem in this world that is unsolvable, no issue too big for you to not be able to combat on your own – at least, that’s what I like to believe. And your perceptions on your waistline is similar to this. Why would you want to exchange your size 14 with a size 6, provided that your are healthy and happy with your life being that way?

There is no perfect size – there is no perfect nose. There is just being healthy and feeling good about yourself when you look in the mirror and see a fit-you smiling back at you. When shopping, people should buy clothes that flatter their curves (if that’s the part of your body you love the most) or wear a pulled-off hairstyle that shows off your infamous cheekbones. Balancing a healthy diet isn’t so difficult actually…replacing processed foods as much as you can with real, whole food, drinking plenty of water and never going without food for a prolonged period of time because it can leave you feeling very unsatisfied with your diet plan….not to mention eating six pizzas at once to curb the seriously-hungry cravings, are good ideas.

Excercising regularly also helps, but picking out a routine (and an exercise) that really suits you here is obviously the way to go. Don’t do yoga because every other celebrity does it, when they aren’t going for an early-morning jog/walk or pilates. If you do actually love aerobics, then go for it…don’t let anyone tell you your hour at the gym is uncool by any means! People who have a high self-esteen are always in control of their lives. They know their strengths, their weaknesses and who their mates are, really well. They do not let what others think about them alter their opinions about themselves because they are rightly confident enough to know where they are going and how to get there exactly. They are people who perhaps love themselves far too much…wouldn’t you want to wake up today and feel just as confident about your own “body image”?


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