So England is out of the World Cup? What next?

England performed disastrously in the World Cup this year. There has been a lot of criticism directed at the team and the Football Association for failing to once again perform to the sorts of high standards that over the years fans of football and around the world have come to expect from the England team. But is the fault here really about going for even distribution or pointing out the flaws that ruined our chances at winning another World Cup? England is regularly made out to be a joke on the international stage, this is despite the fact England basically invented the game, and hold tournaments locally whose popularity has crossed borders and bind us together here at home in both a nationalistic and sport-front.

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The last world cup saw England crash out after managing to hold on to the Last 16 only, but this time there has been an even worse performance by the team, with hardly any goals scored and no amount of sports credibility being displayed by the players at all. Criticising Roy Hodgson for this is pointless because after two successive failures and two coach changes, and the firing of one later, its difficult to not believe that its not the players. Wayne Rooney has received his portion of the criticism this time around and although there has been some debate over the subject of honing “foreign players” in the home turf, who later go on and play for their national teams, this isn’t about trying to change the entire structure of the game.

You have to take these changes slowly. The fact is that England failed to win every single of their group matches and the reason that many are still banking on Hodgson is because he still has a team to craft for Euro 2016, where England is expected to undone this performance it has been greeted with. The non-selection of John Terry for the squad has created shockwaves in the sporting industry, and this could partially have been the reason why in last night’s match, England went that extra mile in bad performance and failed to score completely. Although, this statement will perhaps be greeted with rapturous criticism over his football controversies, even though it has nothing to do with football in the first place, and barraging his well-deserved national performance over the years, you cannot change the performance of some of the players in the England team.

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Rooney was given too many opportunities and he was unable to live upto any single one of them. Not to sideline criticism on him entirely,there have been a crop of young players all geared up trying to prove a point this term, but couldn’t, and then there was the infamous goal miss from the captain, Gerrard, himself. Perhaps selecting players for their talent, rather than the young “eagnerness and enthusiasm” and star power, should be the way to go. Sometimes, football scorecards do an excellent job in curating talent for you and telling you about which players would be worth the investment for the England team!

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