The Back-To-School Checklist

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Term kicks off for me again tomorrow, and I’m really excited because I love to learn. And I’m really looking forward to all the subjects I have signed up for at uni! I think crafting a checklist for all the things you should have ready before classes start is a good idea. Classes start for me really early, so I feel starting your term with the inspiration that you can achieve all your goals simply because of a great, well-rounded uni education and working very, very, very hard is a good start to everything. You need to be persistent and push through because at the end of the day, the experience you get at uni, is entirely in your hands. Yeah, you have many classes ahead where you have to read books worth of information, facts, figures and practice so much number-crunching, mathematics, carry out countless amount of research, either at the library or online, on so many various topics, but you also have fun doing it all! Uni does also mean mates and partying, with the weekends seeing people turn up their boomboxes, but that doesn’t that getting organised isn’t important because it is, and I doubt I am the only one who does!

I know its essential for me and for my straight As to also learn how and where to find the answers I need, but it is actually a need to learn how to communicate with people, both one-on-one and in a group, because it will help you out in the real world once your there after graduation with your first ever job! Like, for me, I had the added task of learning how to both communicate and write clearly and concisely, as well as speak persuasively infront of large crowds! So there is more to uni than simply attending classes and spending all your time studying, it’s also about having fun. If you attend a university with a less formal campus smack dab in the middle of the city, and thousands of students, like me, then your experience at uni will be entirely different from those attending smaller campus-based universities, but the idea is the same: your education at uni will give you the essentials you need to chart that amazing careers of yours in any field that interests you!

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I know that our parents will be proud of our brilliant grades and all but they also need to know that you have mastered handling uni and that great grades aren’t the only thing your taking with you upon graduation because once you graduate and your out in the real world with your first job, you will find that there is so much you don’t know, no matter how great your grades were because the uni can only teach you so much, you know…it cannot teach you everything! A good start to doing well at uni is to learn how to operate computers…oh and “surf the net” = you know its cool 🙂 ! You will get nowhere in the world, if you don’t even know how to turn a computer on, and think a mouse is actually a mouse, instead of a hardware device, because the internet is a massive and very important resource these days. But no matter what: one should strive to always get it together, have fun with mates, have fun learning, work hard, enjoy uni, gain a well-rounded education at uni, and be confident that by following those principles you will accomplish a lot 😀 !

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