The Brilliant Iago

Iago and Jafar (Aladdin)

What is it with evil characters and their evil pets in animated movies?

Say Hello! to Iago! because I can only identify with the evil characters in Disney films, I have done so since I was a kid actually! People often ask these sorts of questions, “Who can you identify with?” And I just say “Jafar! or Hades (of Disney’s Hercules) or Scar or Sebastian!” I cannot identify with anyone that’s not got elements of my evil personality, because I am just that arrogant. I love animals. And I still gush over those moments in time when I got two dogs as pets. Iago often sits perched on Jafar’s shoulder, no matter where he goes.

I love animals. I love them more than human beings. If I had to choose to save a goat or a young boy from a thunderstorm, I would without a doubt choose the goat. Most people in the world would choose the boy and just leave the goat to die in the thunderstorm. How utterly characteristic of human beings, only thinks about themselves!

I feel that no matter where you meet an animal, they exude the excellent quality of loyalty to you. You see, they are animals, it is in their nature to be able to understand who is good, and likes them, and who they should just stampede over, like elephants to do, without a damn care in the world! How truly amazing, animals are! Is it wishful thinking or would a wolf and a tiger someday also be regarded as amazing pets? Why not, a dog and a cat are descendants of those animals respectively!

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Just imagine…if I had a ship like many did during the great Sailing Age, I would travel the world with only animals as part of my crew. Picture: giraffes, ducks, snakes and so. If you have ever met an animal, you know they speak to you and understand every word you say. And no matter where you are in the world, they know everything that goes about you, kind of like a sixth sense thing, or maybe because dogs are really alert creatures, with a powerful nose and a powerful sense of smell.

I love to sail. It’s one my most favourite sports in the world. Not those pathetic yacht sailing that (wo)men do, but proper like own a ship sailing like pirates and Vikings did. Maybe I can get to do that in Heaven, where you can do everything you like…all I ever really want to do is work, so maybe apart from that in Heaven, it would also be so grand if I had the chance to have a Noah’s Ark, kind-of-experience, as a sailor with a crew that is only animals.

I mean it is always like this, with the Disney characters I can identify with: Hades in Disney’s Hercules owns a three-headed dog, Cerebrus. Iago would actually like nothing more than to stuff crackers to morons whole day! I dare say, that bird in Aladdin exhibits a little bit of characteristics of a dog: rather than staying calm himself, which he should, he really wants to tear strangers apart. My pets obviously were trained well, and always pampered more than the most pampered poodles you can think of ♥ but animals seem to often display ferocious characteristics – how interesting!


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