Love for Crows and Black Kittens

Crows and black kittens are considered to be unlucky. I love crows and black kittens and in many a-anime particularly they represent characters I can identify with. But I think I would be considered to be unlucky, as well because I was born on a Friday. I don’t believe in superstitions. I am above that. I work with my destiny to create…MAGIC!!!

Embed from Getty Images

Also, I don’t really think religions like Christianity forgive people who fall prey to superstitions. Me? I do have faith in God. I don’t know how to pray no because naturally my parents never imposed religious learning on me, which I have always been very thankful for but when I was a kid I actually would speak to God. I use to think maybe we were mates 😀 and I never outgrew it, which isn’t weird because it’s a little bit like not every freak in town outgrows watching anime! I don’t think religions like Christianity would particularly welcome the thought of being superstitious, but to each their own, I suppose!


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