The 20th Anniversary Harry Potter Books

The special editions of the Harry Potter books released to commemorate its twentieth anniversary really single out the characters of each house at Hogwarts

Last year was the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter first getting published: in celebration of that, limited editions of the first book in the series – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone were released. The limited editions come in the colors of each of the four magical houses at Hogwarts: red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, yellow for Hufflepuff and blue for Ravenclaw. Also, the crest of each house decorates the books that include profiles of some of the characters. Plus, the edges of another special edition of the same book which are colored black, sport colors of the house’s clothes in stripes, such as green and white for Slytherin and red and orange for Gryffindor.

This year, the second book in the series – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, received a similar treatment: the special editions which have been released in celebration of the anniversary have black covers decorated with a crest of each house – both the crests and the edges of each book are colored in the color that represents each house, and another special edition of the same book come in the houses’ colors with striped edges. The book also includes illustrations of the common rooms and a basic explanation of house-elves. The limited editions of both books focus a lot on the characters of the houses: for example, each color denotes a type of character – yellow symbolizes goodness and red symbolizes the type of brawniness that can be associated with the army. In doing so, it provides a good and very brief idea of what the characters that are housed in each those houses are going to be like.


Disney Tumblers

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The best tumblers featuring Disney characters to get this summer

Tumblers with a straw are a good investment because they can be used over and over again during the summer to have iced drinks in. And the latest tumblers from Disney look very beautiful and are elaborate in design too, so now there is more than one reason to get one.

Rapunzel Tumbler with Straw at shopDisney
A wonderful purple-colored tumbler featuring Rapunzel wearing a beautiful gown that glitters in places; the straw of the tumbler has a very cute figure of Pascal (Rapunzel’s green-colored pet chameleon) lurched upon it and the tumbler itself has double walls which is amazingly filled with hearts and clear liquid.

Mickey Mouse and Friends Tumbler with Straw at shopDisney
The tumbler features Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto; the straw has a figure of Mickey attached to it whilst the double walled design includes glitter and blue-colored icons of the famous mouse.

Elena of Avalor Tumbler with Straw at shopDisney
This is a beautiful small-sized tumbler in a red and blue color that features Elena; a figure of Mingo is perched upon the straw (Mingo is one of Migs’ children – Mig is a magical beast which helps out Elena) and the double walled design of the tumbler amazingly has sequins floating in clear liquid.

Moana Tumbler with Straw at shopDisney
This is a great tumbler in a blue and green color that features Moana and Pua; a figure of Pua (Moana’s pet pig) is attached to the straw as well and the double walled design of the tumbler has clear liquid and peach-colored fish.

The Middle Way

Why I think the Middle Way is a sound ideology

In Buddhism, a teaching by Buddha (the founder of Buddhism) called the Middle Way follows that extremes should not be practiced, irrespective of whether it is an extreme of sacrifice as a way to punish oneself or an extreme of extravagance chiefly in a physical capacity. It is a very sensible ideology, in my outlook, because overindulgence of a physical nature is not necessary for a person to lead a satisfied and happy life; also, if a person spoils themselves too much by overindulging in sensual pleasures then it means that they have rotted the good aspects of their character and turned into somebody bad – turning into that sort of person should be avoided. Similarly, if a person chooses to reject longings or cravings without reason to punish oneself then he or she is unnecessarily subjecting themselves to a life which is empty from what only seeks to aid them in the pursuit of something which exists to delight – sensations of that type should not be cast off.

Senseless Bollywood Films

Some Bollywood films have an unrealistic quality about them but they can still be massively entertaining.

In my outlook, films in Bollywood are not always realistic in their portrayal of life or society in general. For example: the story of the hit film Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai (2000), which starred Hrithik Roshan and Ameesha Patel, shows that two young men’s faces can look identical to each other even though they are not related at all – it is an unrealistic tale but one which is an important angle of the story. Two other examples of Bollywood films which are almost equally senseless are: Rowdy Rathore (2012) and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998). Bollywood films of that type though can still be massively entertaining, I think, because their big entertainment value lies with that fantasy element in the plots which these films carry and that also in an entirely real setup – the lives which film characters lead and their experiences might be disenfranchised from reality but a person who watches a Bollywood film can still form a good idea about the type of clothes that people in India wear, what they eat, how do their towns and villages look like, and so on.

Noir and Turmeric Sit on Potato Sacks

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Cow’s enormous palace is situated in front of a very big river. So, a bridge connects the palace grounds to the rest of the land beyond the river. Turmeric and Noir are sitting underneath the bridge during the dead of the night and waiting for the enemies to arrive to rob Cow and his kingdom. Noir has given instructions to the swordsmen to pounce on the robbers the moment they arrive; she and Turmeric are supposed to join them later to defend the palace.

Turmeric: These sacks of potatoes are very uncomfortable to sit on!
Noir: What? They are really cushy!
Turmeric: I don’t find them cushy. I think it would have been better if we sat on some poufs instead.
Noir: But I don’t want the enemies to notice us! If we sit on these sacks underneath the bridge then the darkness of the night will ensure that they don’t do so!
Turmeric: But poufs could have helped with that too!
Noir: No, they wouldn’t have! All our poufs are extremely colorful and expensive…don’t you think they would have noticed something that colorful and expensive-looking underneath the bridge? These sacks of potatoes we just brought from the palace kitchen just look like the chef’s apprentices have dumped them here after they bought them from the markets – you know, the robbers already know Cow has so much riches he can just afford to have two sacks of potatoes carelessly lie about underneath the bridge.
Turmeric: Yeah! It does sound like they would have noticed the poufs…this plan is better!

Twenty minutes later…

Turmeric: Oof! Noir, how long are we going to wait for the robbers? We are supposed to be in bed by now and sound asleep!
Noir: I know! Still no robbers…
Turmeric: I have a good mind to pick a fight with Butros! I…

A hoarse voice interrupts Turmeric…

James: Is this the palace of a great king?
Noir: Why?
Jacob: Who are you?
Turmeric: Who are you?
James: Why are you wasting your time with them? Let us just proceed and find out ourselves!
Jacob: Alright! Uh, thank you for your time!

Noir and Turmeric sit on and look at each other in silence.

Bad Dating and Astrological Signs

What are the negative dating characteristics of each astrological sign?

Every woman in the world has bad character attributes which sometimes can stand in the way of scoring a really great date. Those bad qualities can be attributed to a woman because of her astrological sign too, meaning that those qualities all vary from one astrological sign to the other. The bad character attributes of each astrological sign are as follows,

The Aries woman: she treats dating as a tournament – a woman doing that stands at risk of coming off as desperate.

The Taurus woman: she cannot be bothered to make an effort to go out on a date.

The Gemini woman: she is a two-faced woman who might be in love but she will still mock you.

The Cancer woman: she has too much loathe for past boyfriends, which can act as a turn-off for the new man in your life because he knows what’s in store from your end if a breakup happens.

The Leo woman: she has too much self-interest to show any interest towards her date.

The Virgo woman: she is obsessed with the desire to be perfect at every little thing she does.

The Libra woman: she doesn’t really like to settle down, probably because she has the potential to attract many men.

The Scorpio woman: she is a tactless woman and if she is impolite with you then its only because she adores you.

The Sagittarius woman: she is extremely lively.

The Capricorn woman: she is far too committed with the idea of scoring a date and it could freak men out on first dates.

The Aquarius woman: she is a creative woman and so often men might not understand her at all on dates.

The Pisces woman: she very irritatingly absolutely adores picking out faults in men.

Peru and Health

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Why Peru should really improve its outlook on health

Peru is a nation which needs to improve its anatomy; currently many health-related problems exist because of that, such as the holding of health sites and thieving of medicines. This is happening amidst the existence of primitive convictions over health and that also in a far-reaching capacity. A very large chunk of the population of Peru lives in developed areas, so the prevalence of primitive beliefs in health, in my outlook, is quite uncharacteristic of typical developed environments. An example of a major health problem in Peru is obesity, particularly for females and the biggest illnesses in Peru are respiratory diseases and illnesses associated with the heart; if primitive convictions change into beliefs which make sense in the contemporary age, then I think people’s general ideas over health will change too and become more sensible.