Obamacare & the GOP

The Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act is repealing Obamacare coverage expansion in 2020 and hopefully the expectation that this new act has, that the GOP will come up with a replacement, in the meantime, gets followed through, with amendments, such as a no-enlargement policy towards dependency on Medicaid

Republicans tried very very hard to replace the Democrats-pioneered health care plan ‘Obamacare’ with a GOP-devised plan called the ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA)’, which the party had put forward, but that idea came crashing down completely, when two GOP senators, Mike Lee (Utah) and Jerry Moran (Kansas) expressed grave dissatisfaction with the party’s new bill.

From President Donald Trump to Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican figureheads pushing for a replacement of the 2010-introduced health care bill with an entirely new health care bill, with the GOP stamp on it, have been one-too-many. But there is no reason to fix something that largely hasn’t really been a broken concept for the past seven years and that is just what’s happening as the Senate prepares to vote on an Obamacare repeal sans the replacement.

Republican opposition to the Republican bill, which passed the House of Representatives in May, isn’t too much of a rarity – Senators Susan Collins (Maine) and Rand Paul (Kentucky) have also expressed antipathy with the GOP bill. There would be a two-year-delay in repealing Obamacare now and the situation looks very similar to the repeal of the act in 2015, which at the time both Lee and Moran had supported but Barack Obama, who was the President at the time, had vetoed.

The Republican Party doesn’t seem to have any populist inclination whatsoever, when it comes to taking decisions over what to do with Obamacare because most Americans are interested in keeping Obamacare, although with an injection of a few amendments. This is theoretically a great idea because the act certainly needs to be revised over time but there are really some grave problems with what the Republicans have in mind for healthcare: firstly, the GOP wants to propose a very point-blank senseless bare-bones insurance plan, which is low-cost in nature, pioneered by Senator Ted Cruz and it should very much be dropped from the BCRA.

Secondly, the GOP wants to offer tax credits to middle-class Americans and raise the costs for people in an old age bracket and also people who are not so well-off. This might increase the burden on the pre-existing structure of available refundable tax credits for Americans with a low-income, who bought their insurance from government markets, and also received support for extra medical costs. And finally, Medicaid health insurance, which under Obamacare aimed to provide coverage for both the poor and Americans with a low-income, is now, horrifically, being threatened by low funding over the next twenty years.

For Your Home: A Mini Aquarium

For Your Home: A Mini Aquarium


The Sighing Snowman

Ink and Dimitri are out for a walk, after spending a few hours bored sitting indoors. It’s the weekend, the weather is cold and the two kids are thinking of building a snowman but where to do that exactly? It’s not that snow doesn’t cover most of the areas the two are stomping on, with their thick boots – the problem is more of where to place the snowman so that the carts and carriages passing by don’t think Ink and Dimitri are lunatics building a snowman on the side of the road reserved for walking.

Ink: I think if we could find a friendly farm or a valley, it would be alright. But I don’t know any, aside from my family’s farm of course.
Dimitri: I know a valley we can build a snowman on. It’s past the markets – maybe a twenty or thirty minutes walk from the corner curry shop will do.
Ink: Alright! Let’s go there then! That would be perfect.

Ink and Dimitri walk to the valley, passing by lots of busy folks out shopping in the markets or drinking in the village pubs. Ink thinks to herself that no one even cares that two kids are going to an empty valley on a weekend, which actually just suits her fine because she could use a more spacious environment outdoors than the one the weekend is currently letting her have. The valley is covered with snow, with broken fences feebly standing here and there, as well as the odd tree and twigs littering the very white landscape.

Ink: Can we start building the snowman? We can use some of the twigs for its arms…if there are fallen nuts or something maybe we can use them for the snowman’s eyes and the nose too.
Dimitri: Sure! I’ll start by gathering some of the snow for us…it will be easier that way to build it.
Ink: Yes! You do that while I rest from our long walk to get up here. In fact, I think I will just plop myself down on the snow and just I don’t know…talk for a few minutes at least, alright?
Dimitri: Sure! Anything up?
Ink: Nope!…I was just thinking about a lot of things lately. My neighbour came over last night and I overheard from the kitchen that her son is dying. He’s like a teenager and he’s got this incurable disease and she might have to move from Sheffield for it. She’s like actually not from this country…she came here from Guadeloupe.
Dimitri: Oh! Are you alright?
Ink: Me? Yeah, I’m alright! But why wouldn’t I be alright?…I don’t even know the woman – my mother and grandfather does. I have actually got no idea who she is.
Dimitri: I meant are you alright, as in, meeting the news of your neighbour’s son dying is not something small to handle, or something. So I was just concerned a wee bit.
Ink: Mmmm…
Dimitri: Why is that woman’s son dying? What kind of disease is this?
Ink: I am not sure because the woman didn’t share that much. I think she just dropped by to let my mother know something at least because that way my mother won’t wake up one day and find out that our neighbour is no longer there in the house next door, with no clue as to why. The woman use to even come up to our house to borrow sugar, every now and then, because she’s actually a war widow. Her husband was English, which is why she moved here to Sheffield but he died a very long time ago.
Dimitri: Oh!
Ink (sigh): I wish I had brought my dogs with me today. I didn’t get any chance to play with them yesterday because the woman was at our house for a visit. Even my mom was fretting she couldn’t take a look at the beehive she keeps in our farm. I think the bees are busy doing a winter cluster, or something like that.
Dimitri: Ah! Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you can play with your dogs after we get back.
Ink: You sure about that? What if the woman drops by again, you know her son’s really sick?
Dimitri (sigh): Alright! Just come here and help me with the snowman…I think I gathered too much snow than is needed.
Ink (sigh): Alright! Let’s build that snowman…be a good boy and get me some twigs, while I assemble the snow into a snowman.
Dimitri: Is it going to be a sighing snowman?
Ink: I think it might be, as soon as you get me those twigs.