A Trip To The Carnival

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What to wear on an evening trip to a carnival

Going to a carnival during the night with friends sounds like the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the excitement it offers. Riding a Ferris wheel, eating fried pickles, winning at ring toss and running away from the kissing booth, are just some of the great experiences which you can have at a carnival. To it, choose a look that will both help you walk around with ease and is also ideally suited to the summer weather.

Rosie Assoulin Check Wrap Blouse at Browns Fashion
The crop top has a wrap design, a black, red and blue chequered style, and also flaunts beautiful architectural sleeves – very elaborate but still non-dressy.

Andrea Ya’aqov v-back cami top at Farfetch
A white-colored top in the style of a camisole – it is just perfect to wear underneath the crop top for a put together look.

Burberry Equestrian Knight Embroidered Tulle Skirt at Farfetch
A nude skirt that has silver-color Burberry Sport logos on its sheer surface; the skirt is quite nonchalant and ornate.

Sophia Webster Rosalind 100 Gem PVC Sandals at Browns Fashion
The straps of the black sandals are transparent but features colorful embellishments so it is perfect to wear to a carnival to make the trip a fashion occasion to remember.


Who are Rohingyas?

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Rohingyas are refugees getting away from Myanmar to seek shelter in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, thousands of refugees have been arriving from Myanmar to save their lives from the nation’s military. They are called Rohingyas and this mass exodus is a result of targeted violence in Myanmar in the form of burning down of villages and the planting of land mines at the border between the two neighboring nations. However, running away from the discrimination in Myanmar has not culminated in a favorable outcome for the refugees. Inside Bangladesh, these refugees live in camps that they have propped up themselves and they cannot always obtain food and other such basic amenities.

The underlying problem here is perhaps that there is a dispute over the origin of these refugees: Rohingyas claim to be successors of Muslim merchants but the Burmese government classifies them as unofficial migrants from Bangladesh; also, to exacerbate the problem here, consecutive Burmese governments have never considered Rohingyas to be a part of the ethnic minority in Myanmar and these people do not hold Burmese citizenship. The only constructive progress that has happened so far is a quite recent agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar which aims to send Rohingyas back to where they ran away from; the agreement maintains that this plan should be complete by 2020 but many Rohingyas don’t have the citizenship to comply with this plan.

What Myanmar needs to do is completely change its position over Rohingyas and count them as part of the state’s responsibility to appropriately care take. Myanmar cannot simply dump this responsibility through its actions on Bangladesh because the burden to take care of Rohingyas cannot be borne by Bangladesh alone. Furthermore, they should also drop their present biased approach (such as over marriage and education) towards the Rohingyas who will be returning to Myanmar.

Eid al-Fitr

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A holiday to celebrate with the people who are really close to you

Eid is that time of the year when you get to enjoy rich food, such as kebabs and biryani. Muslims observe two types of Eid every year: the Eid al-Fitr and the Eid al-Adha. Eid al-Fitr is observed after the end of the fasting season (called ‘Ramadan’) for Muslims. The holiday lasts for three long days and different people celebrate it in different ways but I think the best kind is when people wear nice new clothes because it makes the time appear as a happy occasion. People use the greeting ‘Eid Mubarak’ (translates to ‘Blessed Eid’) to wish each other on the day. Also, on Eid, big towns turn into bright places because of light decorations and the time is used to give out ‘zakat’, which is a means to cater for the poor in society.

A Party For The Rich

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In the United Kingdom, is it necessary for the aristocracy to have a party focus on their own class?

The Labour Party can be summarized as a political party which tends to gravitate towards the working class a tad too much, whilst the Conservative Party is quite all over the place and without gearing towards any specific class really. A scenario of this type makes me wonder over whether a political party should have been in existence purely for the aristocracy or the upper class in the United Kingdom. And close to having that thought, I realize that the answer to that would be no.

Indeed, there shouldn’t be any such party because that would mean a big party choosing too much exclusivity for a really narrow group of people in society. A decision like that wouldn’t also seek to serve all classes properly. This is because even though a group of that type is rather small in size, the idea of putting the rich first and the poor later, is not a great idea; in this world, help for the poor should not be compromised for the rich when the rich never need it. And that is why, warring over the idea of which party best serves the rich is the best that that particular class can do; this warring characteristic, in my outlook, is reflective of the United Kingdom’s nature in a time when the country still ruled over its many colonies.

The Weekend of Dimitri’s Personal Collections

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Ink and Dimitri are hanging out at the latter’s house. Dimitri is showing her his collection of leaves: he likes to go on walks alone in the evening and when he is doing so, he likes to collect the leaves that fall to the ground; he has amassed many leaves that way and some are even brown in color.

Dimitri: So, do you like it?
Ink: Yeah! I thought it would be so boring but I actually somehow had fun.
Dimitri: Really? I am happy that you did.
Ink: Yeah! Me too!
Dimitri: Would you like to eat something?
Ink: No! Why?
Dimitri: I thought maybe you would like to.
Ink: It’s not even lunchtime. Why do I look really weak or something?
Dimitri: No! Not really! But I am hungry…let me get you something. You wait here! Don’t go anywhere!
Ink: Sure!

Dimitri leaves Ink his room and she instantly gets busy looking through his shoe collection. As he walks down rickety stairs, he feels really elated that Ink has come for a visit this weekend. Dimitri was quite worried about his friend the last time the two spoke and is really glad that she is doing the usual things she likes to do, even when she is experiencing a rough phase in her life.

He heads to the kitchen to make some cheese sandwiches for the both of them; his mother recently brought in some cheese from Switzerland for the two of them, when her sister was there in the country on a holiday. Meanwhile, Ink is busy guessing where Dimitri buys all his shoes from because they all look almost the same.

Ink (thinks to herself): Why? It’s as if I am seeing the same pair of shoes meant for walking six times already…and there are some more I can sight underneath the bed…let me try looking at…
Dimitri: Ink! I made some cheese sandwiches for you.
Ink (hits her head on Dimitri’s bed): Oof! I am under your bed! Wait a second…
Dimitri: Why? Did you hurt yourself?
Ink (tries to crawl out from under the bed): A little bit! I was checking out your many shoes.
Dimitiri: Wait there! I will show you more I have locked inside my brown trunk under the bed!

Why Eat Fruits

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How to resist temptation to switch fruits with sweets in your daily meals

You are taught at a very young age that you must always eat the right fruits to grow up healthy and strong. But when temptation lurks in every corner in the form of fried sweets and sweet breads (for example: chocolate bread), what to do? It does not sound like an idea worth trying out: exchange fresh fruits for a Chelsea bun and also lots of churros.

What you can do in moments such as these where the temptation to deviate from that healthy outlook is just too strong is improvise a little bit for your health. Now, I know that idea sounds even worse than the previous one, but can a donut really solve all your problems when it looks that mangoes really can? It really does not and fruits not only provide you with the regular vitamins you need, they do not actually taste bad.

I think that if you widen your taste palette, then it will get easier to avoid temptation to sneak in that hot cross bun you bought yesterday from your favorite bread store because you will think twice before choosing it over a banana. And if, like me, you just always cannot eat fruits completely raw then mix it with your favorite daily drink, such as tea or hot milk, and pretty soon you will find that you can no longer remember that bun.

The Future Queen

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How to decorate a child’s bedroom in a really dreamy way

A young girl’s bedroom is so much more than a room for a child to sleep and have pleasant dreams in. The bedroom is also meant to look like a fairy tale that has come true and the easiest way to decorate one to be so is to select furniture pieces which round the clock create a dreamy atmosphere.

Blythe Carriage Bed at Pottery Barn Kids
A titanic-sized bed with an upholstered design – the bed is majestic enough to make a child feel like she is so fit to be a queen someday.

Faux Sheepskin Heart Area Rug at Project Nursery
A soft rug of faux sheepskin; choose the pink colored one to place it at the foot of the bed – it will add a further luxurious feel to the child’s bedroom.

Paris (Oil Painting) at Artfinder
An impressionistic oil painting of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which has a beautiful use of colors; hang it on the wall to channel a love for France in a mesmerizing manner.

KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse at Toys R’ Us
A very colorful dollhouse that is almost a mini replica of the classic Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast. The dollhouse is just perfect for a little girl to play with: it has two balconies and an intimidating golden-colored staircase, and also features the characters Lumiere and her wardrobe, the Enchanted Rose and richly done up walls.

The Tragedy with Rape

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Rape is a deplorable crime committed against women and they should never be condemned in community for it

Rape is a form of physical onslaught carried out against a woman (or a man), which involves forced sexual activity. For a woman (or a young girl), it is so that her companion is most likely to carry out this type of violence against her; this is in spite of the level of trust that such a relationship is expected to carry.

In environments of war, rape is also used as a means to degrade people being fought against and there have also been instances where children were born because of rape carried out by soldiers during the 1971 war in Bangladesh. Furthermore, a persistent rape culture present in nations such as India very wrongfully encourages both mistreatment and the condemnation of victims of rape.

It is high time that women are provided with ample support to deal with the consequence of this type of onslaught because rape can lead them to feel helpless and victimized – these are big enough emotional hurdles to cross as it is, whilst having to simultaneously grapple with the heinousness of the activity carried out. Also, women should never be further victimized and made to feel ashamed for a crime committed against them because what actions of that type really demonstrates is an extremely ugly (and primitive) side of culture that still shockingly finds ways to survive in an otherwise contemporary society.

The In-Laws In The Contemporary Age

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What the in-laws should be like for a modern wife

In the contemporary age, the concept of marriage is no longer the same for a woman, as it used to be in the past. But the concept of in-laws, which comes with a marriage, is still pretty much the same. Although, the concept of a woman has also changed over time (for example: a woman can nowadays actually be more powerful than men), the fact that this thought of marrying a man’s family along with him still prevails, in my outlook, is a perfectly good reason to never want to get married.

It is really tough to comprehend that just because a marriage might bring plenty of changes to a modern woman’s life that the changes must be very annoying; when there is a demanding or a dominating woman in the picture, then it is even more important that the changes be welcoming. So, these changes cannot involve the idea of her in-laws interrupting a marriage randomly, such as by requesting the woman to regularly visit them in the same way she very happily always visits her mother after the marriage, even if that idea clashes with what they have always had in mind over what a traditional daughter-in-law should be like for them; I think it is really difficult to come across in-laws who do not act as if they are supremely important figures in a relationship when they aren’t.

It is thus, high time that people’s idea of what a traditional daughter-in-law is changes and adapts to fit a relationship and benefit it, rather than pose as a problem that can easily be evaded by simply just never getting married at all. In my perspective, what would really help a woman escape such a scenario in a marriage is if she acts wisely over selecting a man to marry: if the woman is just particular about the type of family her boyfriend will bring around if she was to, in the future, marry him then it should be possible for her to avoid most of the problems that in-laws could bring to a marriage in modern times.

Three On Top Of A Valley

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It is is a sunshine-filled day: Ink, Andrew and Dimitri and are sitting atop a green valley. Ink has only finished sharing this piece of news with her two friends that she is in trouble because of her refusal to share a pot of rice with a nasty woman. Dimitri has brought more vegetable rolls for Ink because she really enjoyed them the last time that his mother had made some for him. Whilst Ink munches on the vegetable rolls, a sudden breeze wafts a thistle through the sky.

Dimitri: I don’t think a lot can be done. I was in trouble recently too for refusing to speak to this nasty woman and her many children, who had all come to my house for a visit. The scolding that I got later for it is an event I would really like to never remember.
Andrew: I have had a lot of those very horrible experiences myself too. I honestly just hate these kind of visits that our families have to entertain. It sounds to me that the woman you are on about Ink is just one of those nasty people who absolutely just must have a public meltdown because you are so posh. I say, so be it.
Ink: I think that even if you were a fool, you must still work on being smart regarding it. You know, people like that will always try to find a way to put you into trouble even when you did nothing wrong at all.
Andrew: But that makes no sense. Why must a person suffer when somebody else is the one who is doing something wrong and that also to them?
Dimitri: Who cares? I just don’t care. I only know that an innocent person sometimes has to suffer in life because of the people they hate.
Ink: Oh! It is more than just about suffering, you know. Because the nasty woman comes around a lot, it is also about being refused to eat anything tasty, except for the vegetable rolls that you gave me just now, plus the raspberry cake that my mother bakes when the family is actually alone for once and she is in the mood for something sweet.