The Carriage

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A carriage driver is waiting to pick Ink up from her home in Sheffield and take her to her boarding school in Cambridge. He is driving a horse-drawn carriage which, along with the horse, belongs to Grandfather Williams and Mother Williams. The carriage driver is employed by the two. The Williams use the carriage whenever they need to travel some place far.

Mother Williams: Ink, did you take with you all that you needed to take to boarding school? Write to me soon!
Ink: Yes, I took everything I needed! I…
Grandfather Williams (interrupts): Did you take with you enough to eat during the journey?
Ink: Yes! I already have some water crackers with me and I will ask the carriage driver to take me to markets on the way to Cambridge so that I can get more food for myself!
Grandfather Williams: Do buy enough food for yourself when you are at the markets!

Ink says goodbye to her family, climbs into the carriage and shuts the door behind her. Soon, the carriage starts to move. For a few minutes, Ink just sits quietly inside the carriage and looks outside from her window. But she gets bored of doing this quite fast and so begins to read a book instead.

One hour later…

Ink opens the door of the carriage slightly, pops her head out, and yells for the carriage driver.

The Carriage Driver: Yes, miss!
Ink: Do you know how long it will take to get to Cambridge?
The Carriage Driver: Uh, it will take very long! Do you need to get food?
Ink: No! But when it’s noon, you must stop at a market on the way so that I can!


Recipes for the Feast

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Noir is inside the palace kitchen with Chef (he is the head cook in the palace). She is simultaneously discussing with him the recipes of the dishes which will be cooked to serve to the poor and jotting them down on a writing pad. When they have finished working on the recipes, all the kitchen boys that Cow keeps in the palace who help Chef out with all cooking-related work, like grocery shopping, will simply follow the recipes and make the food; Noir, Chef and Prince Eric will be helping them with that big task as well.

Noir: Do you think we need to make the cod salty or sour?
Chef: I think salty is a good idea.
Noir: Should the fish dish have broth?
Chef: Yes and the broth should contain some green-colored items!
Noir: What green-colored items?
Chef: Bok choy and um, how…
Noir (interrupts): Parsley?
Chef: Yes, that sounds lovely!
Noir (puts her pen down on the pad): So, the recipes are all complete now! We will just have to start cooking!
Chef: Yes! Well, I’ll be getting back to completing my many daily duties inside the kitchen but I cannot wait to also help with cooking for four thousand people later!

The Jewelry Shop

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It is eleven o’clock in the morning. Noir is sitting on her bed and brushing her hair with a pink-colored comb. Suddenly, Turmeric pops out of his lamp.

Turmeric: Noir, I have been thinking!
Noir: What have you been thinking?
Turmeric: I want to have my very own shop in Cairo.
Noir: What would you sell?
Turmeric: I would sell jewelry for women.
Noir: Really? Would that be jewelry you made yourself?
Turmeric: No! I have no idea how to make any jewelry! What I want to do is at first convince a few jewelers from bazaars in the city to let me stock some of their pieces in my shop. Then what I will do is charge a jewelry piece twice its actual price; it will earn me a good profit.
Noir: But if everything you stock in your shop will be so overpriced, why would women buy anything?
Turmeric: Because I am a really handsome genie! I just know women would never be able to control themselves from buying jewelry from me when I am so dashing!

Gifts for a Book Lover

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What to give as presents to a book lover

The perfect present for a person who loves to read are books. The more books you give them, the happier they will get and the best types of books to give are either pieces of fiction or comics.

Classic Brontë Sisters Books (Set of 5) at One King’s Lane
This collection of books contains five novels by the Brontë sisters: Wuthering Heights, Agnes Grey & The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Shirley & The Professor, Vilette plus Jane Eyre, and there is a nice Victorian etching on its spines as well.

Adventures of Tintin (Set of 7) at One King’s Lane
This Tintin collection contains the first seven comics in the series; it is a really colorful book collection because each volume has a different colored cover, with the colors ranging from pink to orange, and the collection is also wrapped with a nice print of the infamous journalist’s blue sweater on canvas paper.

Game of Thrones Books (Set of 5) at One King’s Lane
The ‘Game of Thrones’ book collection contains all five books by George R. R. Martin and it also has a lovely medieval drawing printed on its red color jacket.

Jane Austen Signature Book (Set of 7) at One King’s Lane
This collection of books contains seven novels by Jane Austen: Pride & Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Sense & Sensibility, Persuasion, Sandition & Other Stories, Mansfield Park plus Emma; the book collection also has a beautiful Victorian drawing on its spines which recreates a scene from Pride & Prejudice; the drawing, for which an order was placed for the 1864 copy of Pride and Prejudice, is by Hugh Thomson.

A Ritzy School Girl

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How to dress like a ritzy school girl

In my outlook, to look like a ritzy school girl, style-wise, you must have an elegant frame of mind: the look should mix magnificence with simplicity. For that choose casual pieces, such as a t-shirt and a short denim skirt and accessorize that look with a pair of dazzling shoes.

Gucci Bugs Bunny cotton T-shirt at Farfetch
A black t-shirt featuring a beautiful sequined edition of the character, Bugs Bunny, along with a play on the name of the Italian label which was inspired by hash tags on the social networking platform, Instagram; tuck the t-shirt into the short skirt to make the look appear a little cultivated.

Valentino Sequined Star Denim Mini Skirt at Farfetch
A black mini skirt which has beautiful sequined stars in colors such as blue and green; the skirt also has ruffles on one side.

Dotted tights at H&M
A pair of black tights with a dotted design; include it in the look because it will cover your legs and also add a certain ladylike loveliness to the look.

Polly Plume Sequined Embellished Loafers at Farfetch
A pair of heavily embellished silver-colored loafers with a very pretty bow detail; the loafers add pomp and circumstance to the look.

My First Day

Summary: ‘Scrubs’ is a medical comedy-drama television show. The protagonist in the show is an intern-turned-doctor called J.D. who is best friends with an intern-turned-surgeon called Turk; Scrubs has won two Emmy Awards.

The first episode of Scrubs, which is titled ‘My First Day’, brilliantly portrays the excellent friendship between J.D. (Zach Braff) and Turk (Donald Faison), the difficult but budding romance between J.D. and Elliot, plus topics like medical carelessness. The plot of the pilot episode of the television series primarily revolves around J.D.’s first day at the Sacred Heart Hospital: on his first day, he meets fellow interns Elliot Reed (Sarah Chalke) and Todd Quinlan (Robert Maschio); J.D. also sadly struggles with performing some tasks as an intern and asks Reid out on a date which he later cancels due to her behavior. J.D.’s full name is John Michael ‘J.D.’ Dorian. The pilot episode further reveals that J.D. has been friends with Turk, whose full name is Christopher Duncan Turk, since their college days plus they work together at the hospital and also that J.D. is also going to be sharing his apartment with Turk.

A Feast For The Poor

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Cow is sitting on a bunch of cushions in his very large bedroom. He is listening intently to Noir talk about how according to her instructions some of his kingdom’s swordsmen caught the robbers and also what she had asked the swordsmen to do with the robbers afterwards.

Cow: My palace is safe again, then! It’s such a relief!
Prince Eric: Noir that was a really brave thing you did!
Cow: Yes, it really was! Will you finally be going to bed now?
Noir: I’m not sure! Maybe I will!
Prince Eric: I think you should!
Cow: Oh! Before I forget…Noir, I would like you and Prince Eric to help the chef out with some cooking later!
Noir: What for?
Cow: I want to throw a feast for poor people to celebrate that my palace is safe once more!
Prince Eric: Really?
Cow: Yes! You know, there will be a lot of cooking within the next few days for the feast! So, if both of you help then all of the cooking will finish fast!
Noir: Um…sure! A feast sounds like a great idea! What foods will we be cooking?
Cow: Mm…some rice and slices of cod fish, along with boiled green beans, carrots plus peas. I was thinking of serving only one bowl of food to a poor person; it will contain a helping of those foods I just mentioned before!