The Paintings

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Cow is walking inside a long and narrow hallway. The hallway has no windows and a long red carpet. On its golden walls, several paintings hang of various kings and queens. Cow looks at some of the paintings and mutters fowl words underneath his breath.

Noir: What’s that your muttering?

Cow: I just remembered that I was once told I would never be as great a ruler as my predecessors. So, I cursed…multiple times.

Noir: Who had told you that?

Cow: A fortune teller. When he had told me that, I had immediately told him that he must hold no power to see into the future then if he could see something like that happening in my future.

Noir (laughs): How did your meeting with the kings go?

Cow: It went great! I reached agreements with every one of them.

Noir: What kind of agreements did you reach?

Cow: That they will make sure their people don’t look to flood Egypt again.

Turmeric: How insensitive! You should have just let them stay in Egypt.

Cow: Shut up you stupid!

Turmeric (retorts): I am not a stupid!

Noir: Don’t fight!

Prince Eric (leaning against the wall): Yes, don’t fight…at least, not right before dinner!


The King’s Wish

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Cow has been discussing for over six hours with kings of other countries regarding how to solve the ‘Settlement Problem’. Most of the problem is already solved; he has earned guarantees from nearly all the rulers that their people will return back.

Cow: Look, I know Hungary has been at war with Afghanistan for the past six months and because of that many people are fleeing the country and coming to live in Egypt. But I cannot give sanctuary to thousands and thousands of people. Where will they live?
Ramon: They can just put up filthy tents and live in them.
Cow: But if I allow that then those areas would start to look extremely ugly…like regions of homeless people and those are just the type of areas my country people would avoid passing by.
Ramon (sigh): Well, how about providing sanctuary to only somewhere around two hundred well-connected middle class people?
Cow: I like the sound of that. But what about the rest of the people who are looking to settle here from your country?
Ramon: You should tell them to return. If they do not listen, then show each of them the printed announcement which I will make and give you later on; I will even title it ‘The King’s Wish’. In the announcement it will be written that I have agreed with the King of Egypt that only people who are sort of valuable to me will be allowed shelter in Egypt. So if all other Afghans who went looking for sanctuary in Egypt do not return back soon, then the consequences of disobeying me will be very severe.

The Kings Meet

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Cow is meeting some kings from countries to discuss about what can be done to solve the ‘Settlement Problem’. They are sitting at a large round table; on the table, there are six plates of biscuits, cups of tea and napkins.

Cow: I have always felt that the people of my country are just too different from the people of Iraq, I mean the people of your country.
Forrest: That is not true! My people are not different from your people. They are definitely poorer, more conservative and occasionally they do love to bicker endlessly but they are also kind, honest and simpleminded, like your people.
Cow: Your people can also be very intolerant.
Forrest: And your people are what…hospitable?
Cow: My people are diplomatic! And my people are definitely not simpleminded. They are artful. They can handle extremely complicated situations without getting exploited. Also, if your country people are so great, why don’t they just stay put in their country?
Forrest: Because their country isn’t great. Human beings are flawed. My people’s biggest flaw is that they do not work hard to lift their country out of its poor state.

The Settlement Problem

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It is a very sunny day. Cow is sitting on a silver plus green armchair in the dining room and looking at the desert out of a window.

Noir: There is a matter which needs your immediate attention.
Cow (surprised): Which matter requires my urgent attention?
Noir: Um, there is a problem called ‘Settlement Problem’. It is a problem of many people coming to settle in Egypt from poorer countries, like Madagascar and Iraq, because they want to enjoy their lives.
Cow: What? Why don’t they enjoy their lives in their own countries?
Noir: They can’t really! Apparently, their countries don’t provide them many opportunities to do that.
Cow: Well, I do not care that their countries do not! They must return.
Noir: Alright! I will arrange a meeting with the kings of their countries so you can tell all of them to take their people back.
Cow (retorts): I want to give them a piece of my mind over the problem! Clearly, not one of them is as great a king as I am if many people cannot enjoy their lives when they are ruling! I want those kings to finally understand that!
Noir: Why do you care if they don’t understand?
Cow:…I am a great king who genuinely cares about those countries. It is just so clear that those countries need new kings. Their current kings obviously cannot rule properly!

Inside the Bungalow

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Ink is standing inside the bungalow’s narrow hallway. The carriage driver has already brought in all of her trunks and left to take the carriage (plus the horse) back to the Williams household.

Charlotte: I like the color you are wearing. Did your mother make the dress for you?

Ink: No! My mother bought it for me from some shop.

Charlotte: My cousin sister made me this dress I am wearing. She is good at making dresses.

Ink: Is she a tailor?

Charlotte: No! When she was younger, she had wanted to become a tailor but then she got married and now she has just too much to do daily as a housewife and a mother of eight little girls. Do you like my dress? I love it.

Ink: It’s good.

Ink opens her golden-colored shoes and sits down on a very long silver couch inside the hallway. She notices that there is a nice mat at the front door. It is apple green in color and made entirely of fur.

Ink: Did you have a good time during the holidays?

Charlotte: No! There was always just far too many people at my house. I have thirty cousins and nearly all of them had come to visit me at my mother’s request. So, I did not manage to have a lot of time for the things I wanted to do, like sit in my parents’ garden every morning and paint.

The Bungalow

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A carriage stops in front of a bungalow. The bungalow is beige in color. It has a brown hip roof plus chimney, eight large windows and a balcony; there is a tiny garden in front of the bungalow as well. The bungalow belongs to the boarding school which Ink attends; she is going to live in it, during her school term, with four other girls (from her class).

Ink: Can you please help me carry my trunks?
Carriage Driver: You go inside! I will bring everything for you!
Ink: Oh! Thank you!

Ink gets down from her carriage and goes and knocks on the door. A young girl (wearing a long orchid pink dress) opens the door.

Ink: Hello Charlotte! How are you?
Charlotte: I am great Ink! Come in! Come in! Come in! You must be so tired from the journey!
Ink: Thanks!
Charlotte: I don’t have the keys to your room but I will ask Rose if she has them.
Ink: You don’t know who has the keys to my room?
Charlotte: No I don’t! I am hoping Sofia does not have them though!
Ink: Why?
Charlotte: Sofia is in Gloucester and will be back three days later; she had to visit some boy. If she has your keys, you can stay with me in my room until she comes back!
Ink:…or I can just stay in the sitting room?
Charlotte: No! My room is the better option!

The Valley

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A carriage is parked upon a valley. The valley is mostly filled with different types of trees. Ink is sitting inside the carriage in the dark and looking out the window; a gentle breeze is blowing.

Ink (thinks to herself): I wonder who lives in that cottage across the valley. Smoke is coming out from the chimney. There is also a light on inside…

At that moment, a man comes out of the cottage. Ink cannot make out how he looks like but she can see that he is carrying a big brown sack on one shoulder.

Ink (thinks to herself): I wonder how long the carriage driver will take to come back from the pub.

At that moment, two women walk pass the carriage and Ink overhears a little of their conversation.

First woman: I do not know how long I can live like this.
Second woman: I feel the same way.
First woman: He should have never tried to be a woodcutter.

Ink sees that the two women go inside another cottage. Twenty minutes pass by but she can see no light on inside the house or any smoke coming out from the chimney.